Adopting a healthy lifestyle can decrease your likelihood of developing major diseases and increase your lifespan. Although not all diseases can be avoided, adopting certain behaviors, and avoiding others can prevent many serious illnesses. Being healthy not only benefits your well-being, but it also makes you feel good. Healthy living about your food and drink choices. It’s about staying active and having fun without jeopardizing your well-being. It’s related to the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. And it’s focused on achieving better physical, mental, and emotional health. Healthy living is essential, particularly as we age. Step 1: Maintain A Balanced Healthy Diet FoodRead More →

Organic Essential Oils by Plant Therapy Organic Essential Oils by Plant Therapy are made from purest ingredients available to them. Their goal is to positively impact the lives of as many people as possible by providing high-quality 100% pure organic essential oils at an affordable price. The outstanding management, aromatherapist and customer service teams make Plant Therapy one the finest essential oil companies in the USA today. The 100% Pure Organic Essential Oils from Plant Therapy includes the first ever full line of KidSafe® synergies to the delight of appreciative parents. Plant Therapy works with world famous essential oil expert, Robert Tisser and numerous third-partyRead More →

Power Systems provides a wide variety of high-quality health and fitness equipment, sport performance equipment, accessories and instructional materials. Power Systems Exercise Equipment customer are the general public; health and fitness facilities/clubs; schools and colleges; sports teams; personal trainers and industry professionals; and physical therapists. About Power Systems Exercise Equipment Mission of Power Systems The mission of Power Systems is to “Power Your Potential” by:  Improving your health, fitness and performance. Supplying high quality Power Systems exercise equipment and excellent service to exceed customer expectations. Overview of Power Systems Power Systems (PS), LLC was founded in 1986 and is a leading supplier of health, fitnessRead More →

The human Endocrine System is a vital body communication system, consisting of network Endocrine Glands throughout your body – see the diagram. The Endocrine Glands makes and discharges hormones directly into the bloodstream, that transports them to targeted organs. The basic functions of Endocrine Glands are therefore similar. However, the glands produce distinct hormones that regulate specific activity of many different organs. These hormones dictate almost every single facet of your life. Visit my blog to read about the differences between the Endocrine and Exocrine Glands. Read more about the functions of Endocrine Glands – click here. Functions of Endocrine Glands The Functions of EndocrineRead More →

The functions of Exocrine Glands are different for each gland. Hovever the Exocrine Glands are all producing and secreting important substances, such as tears, sweat, tears, saliva or baby milk.  Exocrine Glands release these substances through ducts inside or outside your body (see below). Difference Between Endocrine and Exocrine Glands There are a major difference between the Endocrine and Exocrine Glands and it is easy to confuse them. Endocrine Glands form part of the Endocrine System and releases hormones (chemical messengers) into your bloodstream to regulate targeted organ activity. Exocrine Glands from  part of the Integumentary System.  These are glands with ducts that act on localRead More →

You NEED More Calories for Bodybuilding As a general rule, bodybuilders need more calories for bodybuilding to provide the energy they need for weight training and increasing muscle mass. Losing weight requires you to reduce the number of calories you eat. In contrast, increasing lean muscle tissue requires you to consume more calories. Getting sufficient calories for bodybuilding will fuel your body with the nutrients it needs during workouts and help you accomplish your bodybuilding objectives. Weightlifting can be hard on your body and below you will learn how you build muscle and how you can get the additional calories for bodybuilding. The bodybuilders dietRead More →

Benefits of Fiber in Your Diet Overview Fiber plays such an important part in digestion and there are many benefits of fiber in your diet. Since your body can’t digest fiber it helps to move your stool through your digestive tract and colon. read below in more detail the health benefits of high fiber intake and the best food fiber sources. Definition Dietary Fiber To recap from the section on fiber – click here. Dietary fiber, or roughage, is plant-based nutrient (carbohydrate) that you eat, and your Digestive System doesn’t absorb or digest. In other words, fiber stays mostly intact as it passes through theRead More →

The human Respiratory System consists of the organs that allow you to inhale oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. Bacteria, viruses and other microorganism cause many respiratory illnesses. The lifestyle choices you make daily, affect your Respiratory Health in many ways. Available to you are 12 Natural Ways to Improve Respiratory Health that will also prevent the spreading of pathogens and avoid lung damage. Your Respiratory System is one of the most important human body systems, since it the body’s oxygen supply. Without oxygen you will be brain-dead in 5 minutes and your heart stops within 6 minutes. Your Respiratory Health allows a healthy adult toRead More →

The Digestive/Excretory System is the human body system responsible for food digestion. Digesting what you eat, and drink is vital to supply your body with the nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water) needed for proper body functioning and health. Daily, there are several Natural Ways to Improve Digestive Health available to you. If follow these simple digestion guidelines, you will make it easier for your Digestive System to work properly to supply the nutrients you need for healthy living. 12 Natural Ways to Improve Digestive Health Simple guidelines/tips things that you can do to keep your Digestive/Excretory System healthy includes: High Fiber Diet:Read More →

Cardiovascular Health is vital for a healthy lifestyle. Your Cardiovascular System includes your heart, blood vessels and blood. Your heart is one of the most vital organs in your body. Your heart is nothing but a superb pump, that pumps blood continuously at a rate of 115,200 times per day (based on 80 per minute). Your blood travels through thousands of miles of blood vessels to deliver nutrients, hormones and oxygen to all the cells in your body. Your heart is working tirelessly for you and it is critical that you maintain your Cardiovascular System healthy. Do your part by following the 12 Natural WaysRead More →