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Power Systems LogoPower Systems provides a wide variety of high-quality health and fitness equipment, sport performance equipment, accessories and instructional materials. Power Systems Exercise Equipment customer are the general public; health and fitness facilities/clubs; schools and colleges; sports teams; personal trainers and industry professionals; and physical therapists.

About Power Systems Exercise Equipment

Mission of Power Systems

The mission of Power Systems is to “Power Your Potential” by:

  •  Improving your health, fitness and performance.
  • Supplying high quality Power Systems exercise equipment and excellent service to exceed customer expectations.

Overview of Power Systems

Power Systems (PS), LLC was founded in 1986 and is a leading supplier of health, fitness and sport performance equipment for a professional or home setting.

  • Established: More than 30 years’ experience in the professional health and fitness equipment Market.
  • Large selection: More than 2400 SKUs to fully meet all your exercise equipment and accessory buying needs.
  • Customer Service: Dedicated account management and customer support team to ensure smooth transactions and answer questions.
  • Large Warehousing Facility: 250,000 square feet that fulfill 90% of orders on the same day.
  • 30-day Promise and Manufacturer Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied you may return items within 30 days. All products are warranted free of manufacturer defects for 90 days.
  • Innovation: Power Systems is committed to innovation and continuously advance technologically, meeting and exceeding industry standards for professional-grade health and fitness equipment, instructive materials and customer service.

Power Systems Exercise Equipment and Accessories

Power Systems has advanced health and fitness equipment, and exercise programs available online for complete athletic development and general fitness training. The top-10 selling health and fitness equipment items are: Resistance Tubing, Flat Bands, Speed Ropes, Foam Rollers, Stability Balls, Dumbbells, Medicine Balls, Agility Cones, Step Hurdles and Kettlebells.

Power Systems Strength Training Equipment

Strength Training Exercises not only build muscle and increase your strength, but also support your bones, improves your balance and improves cardiovascular health. Power Systems strength training equipment for your home and or a more professional setting includes dumbbells, resistance bands, recumbent bikes, treadmills, elliptical trainers and kettlebells. The wide range of strength training equipment are available in a variety of weight ranges and meet the needs of beginners to pros.

Power Systems Mind and Body Equipment

Power Systems is your top source for the mind and body equipment for Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates classes and courses. Tai Chi, Pilates and Yoga exercise equipment includes mats, blocks, straps, stability balls, free weights, dumbbells, foam rollers, body bars and more. Power Systems also carries instructional books, DVDs and posters that you can make available to your clients attending classes.

Power Systems Exercise Equipment Stability Balls

Power Systems Exercise Equipment Foam Rollers

Power Systems Sports Performance Training Equipment

Improve the your or your team’s sports performance with a wide variety of sports exercise equipment from Power Systems. Their sports performance training equipment is designed to improve the athlete’s speed, strength, power, agility, and flexibility. They also have a range of testing and measurement products available to track the improvement of each team member’s sport performance in reaching their sports performance goals. Power Systems Sports Performance Training Equipment includes agility cones, pro slide boards, reflex balls and more. Power Systems also offers a variety of sport-specific training DVDs such as the “Coaches Choice” Agility Drills for Improved Athletic Performance.

BOSU Power Systems

Plyometrics at Power Systems

Power Systems Exercise Equipment for Cardio

Power Systems provides exercise equipment for cardio that raises your heart rate and helps you to burn calories. Power Systems offers from professional spin cycles or stair trainers; to the least expensive stationary bikes, rowing machines, or step risers. Also available is the training and support materials needed for the proper use of exercise equipment for cardio.

Medicine Balls at Power Systems

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