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WELCOME  “Your Guide to Healthy Living”

First of all, I personally want to thank you for spending your valuable time on guidehealthyliving.com, “Your Guide to Healthy Living”. I am sure that you will find valuable information on this website to improve your quality of life. The purposes of guidehealthyliving.com are to:

  • Provide an understanding of how the human body systems works.
  • Present valuable health information and and natural ways to improve your health, and
  • Be the preferred busy person’s quick guide to supplements that work.

The website is set up so that men and women can identify the best supplements, based on their health and personal goals. The supplements are handily categorized by human body system or by lifestyle focus area.


About Your Guide to Healthy LivingIf you like me, you reach a moment in your life where you want to do everything you can to stay healthy and age gracefully. How many times have you observed elderly people and said to yourself what can I do not to be like that when I old. I guess it’s a myth we all going to end up like that and eventually die. So, my next question was how can I delay the aging process or improve my quality of life during the process? How can I feel good and have more energy; improve my memory and stay focused; maintain an acceptable weight; sleep better; etc, I think we all share the same questions.

I realized that as I become older, exercise regularly and work hard, my body needs something more than just food (nutritional boost) for me to function properly.


Like you I have more questions than answers. But, since I start using various supplements I am seldom sick, my lab results are good and just feel better. I concluded the supplements are not drugs and they work differently. The proper supplements address any nutrient deficiencies to support the health of your body systems.

In my blog I elaborate on the reasons why I use supplements to support my attempts to live healthy. Read more on why I am suspicious about the nutritional value of our food today and why I avoid medication and doctors’ visits Visit my blog post on “Reasons Why To Use Supplements”.

Why I Started the “Your Guide to Healthy Living” Website

As I was searching for supplements I quickly realized that it is a daunting task. There are so many articles and info on the web about supplements and healthy living, it’s mind boggling. If I only had a comprehensive easy guide to supplements that make sense. That is the reason why I started guidehealthyliving.com, the “Your Guide to Healthy Living”, Website. This is the concise version for appreciating the complexity of your body; tips to stay healthy and recommended supplements based on your needs. The busy person’s quick guide to supplements that work are based on thousands of user reviews.

I am passionate about this subject and will be continually be updating the site to provide you with even better information. I would appreciate any input to make this happen. Thanks again – Fred