Weight Management Overview

Best Supplements that Work for Weight ManagementWeight management strategies cover long-term lifestyle plans to achieve healthy eating and daily physical activity. Effective weight management strategies not only deal with losing weight, but more importantly, setting goals and keeping a healthy body weight over time. Maintaining a healthy weight lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol and improves your risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

The description below will enable you to make supplement choices regarding Appetite Control, Fat Burning / Thermogenic, Metabolism Improvement and Weight Loss.

Weight Management Description

Genetic Influences on Weight Management

The impact of genes on being overweight is widely recognized and genes could affect your metabolism, food cravings, appetite, sense of fullness, body-fat distribution and the tendency to eat. The genetic influences dealing weight issues varies widely from person to person. If obesity runs in the family (both parents) and you struggle to lose weight even with increasing physical activity while following a diet; then genes could be a significant contributor. Talk to you doctor.

Weight Management Psychology

Weight Management Psychology deals with all aspects of behavior and mental processes that affect weight management. Logic does not drive your weight control behaviors, but the chemical processes in the brain, habits/addictions, self-awareness and awareness of others. Although complicated, the easiest way to start right now, is by substituting your bad lifestyle habits (causing you to be overweight) for good ones that will help you loose weight. Therefore, if you constantly focus on good weight control habits (habit formation) the good behaviors will develop automatically over time; and you will lose weight. Being stressed, depressed or addicted does not make you susceptive to habit changes or good weight management advice.

If you can also identify the feelings/emotions (boredom, frustration, anger, excitement, sadness, joy, etc.) associated with your bad lifestyle habits causing you to gain weight, you will  have achieved an important milestone to long-term weight management success. Find ways or good lifestyle habits to meet those emotional needs.

Weight Gain Caused by Medications

Even if you want it or not, some medicines cause certain people to gain weight. The amount of weight that you will put on depend on the specific medicine prescribed, your medical condition, age, etc. Talk to your doctor.

Weight Management a Long-term Commitment

Long-term weight loss takes time and effort and there is no instant natural fix. Chronic dieting does not produce long term weight loss, nor better health. In the contrary, it is bad for your health and over time you are more likely to end up fatter than you when you started (and the cycle goes on). Start paying attention to your thought patterns and outcomes of your short-term weight management decisions (chronic diets).

Make permanent lifestyle changes for the right reasons and stay committed. Prepare a weight management program/plan that includes nutrition, exercise and mind/motivation/thoughts (see Weight Management Psychology above) with realistic goals. You need to motivate yourself to lose weight with long-term results, no one else can. Consider supplements as part of long-term weight management strategy. Get help if you need it to prepare your weight management program/plan and invest in healthy living. It could be the best investment you ever made.

Supplements for Weight Management

The most effective supplements for the Weight Management are grouped into:

  • Appetite Control Supplements,
  • Fat Burning / Thermogenic Supplements,
  • Metabolism Improvement Supplements, and
  • Weight Loss Supplements.

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