Skeletal System Summary

The Skeletal System is an important human body system since it protects the vital organs of your body. In addition, it provides the support structure and attachment for your arms and legs.

The best supplements that work for the system supplements your diet with the nutrients to keep your bones and joints healthy. Regardless of your gender or age, it is never too early to focus on building and maintaining strong bones and joints.

The description below provides Skeletal System information that help you to understand how the system works. This is beneficial to make more informed choices regarding bone and joint health supplements. Your diet alone could easily fall short in the supplying the system the nutrients to cope with wear and aging.

Human Skeletal System Description

The skeletal bones work together with the muscles of the Muscular System to create levers that allow you to move.  The integrated system gives humans the ability to move and together they form the human Musculoskeletal System.

Below follows and outline of the role, main functions and main organs of the Skeletal System.


The main purpose of the Skeletal System is to shape your body and protect other human Body System organs.

In addition, this system performs many other critical movement, production, storage and regulation functions in the body as described below.

Major Functions of the Skeletal System

The six main functions of the Skeletal System are:

  • Support by skeleton: The system is the framework of the human body that maintains its shape and supports all the other human body systems.
  • Protection by skeleton: The bone structure of the system protects all the other human body systems, thus the most vital organs such as the brain, lungs and heart. The bones protect the soft tissue in the rest of the body.
  • Skeleton Movement: Body movement is accomplishes as a joint effort with the Muscular System that powers by skeletal muscles. The skeletal muscles are attached to skeletal bones that moves them when it muscles contracts.
  • Skeleton Mineral and Lipids Storage: The bones are the body’s reservoir for essential minerals and stores calcium and phosphorus. Furthermore, the yellow marrow in bones stores lipids (fats) and serve as the body’s energy reservoir.
  • Skeleton Mineral Homeostasis: The bones of the skeleton stores and releases minerals into the blood steam as needed to maintain mineral balance (homeostasis). In fact, the Skeletal System functions as a part of the Endocrine System to regulate energy metabolism in the body.
  • Skeleton Blood Cell Production: The red bone marrow produces blood cells that are secreted to the blood steam as needed. The blood cells includes red blood cells, many of  the body’s white blood cells and other blood platelets.

Major Organs Skeletal System

The organs of the human Skeletal System are connective tissues of which the main organs are the bones (see diagram below). Other parts of the system include the cartilage, ligaments and joints that supports and binds skeletal bones together. The muscles of the Muscular System connected to the bones by the tendons of the system.

As an adult your skeleton has 206 bones. The main bones of the Skeletal System are:

  • Skull that protects the brain,
  • Spine or vertebral column protects the spinal cord, and
  • Ribs and Sternum forming the rib-cage that protects the heart and lungs.

Diagram of Skeletal System

A representation of the system showing the bones of the human body is shown below:
representation of the Skeletal System showing the main bones of the human body

Best Supplements for the Skeletal System

The best supplements that work for this body system supplements the nutrients needed for strong bones and joints. The groups of best supplements for the Skeletal System are:

  • Bone Health Supplements, and
  • Joint Health Supplements.

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