Reasons To Use Supplements 

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Questionable Nutritional Value of Food

Reasons Why I Use Supplements One of the main reasons why to use supplements, is the questionable nutritional value of my food that we eat every day. I struggle with the question: “What is the quality of our food supply?” Have you ever looked at your plate of food and wondered how good it is for you? Does it have any nutritional value?

It is just logical that the quality of food depends on the quality of the soil. If the soil quality is bad, then anything (crops) that grows on it cannot be good either. What is the impact of fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals on the food quality? It is reasonable to think that some of that bad stuff gets in our food. How does food pasteurization and processing affect the nutrition value of my food? Common sense tells, that processing food and adding preservatives cause nutrient depletion and body poisoning.

Avoiding Medication and Doctors’ Visits by Staying Healthy

Staying healthy to avoid medication and doctors’ visits is another reason why you should consider using supplements. Everyone hate being sick, Doctors frequently refer you to others that most of the time do not find anything wrong. These tests may be necessary, but it all adds to inconvenience and cots.

Just think about all the class action laws suits against drug companies, all the side effects of medications and their contribution to the opioid crisis. There are even prescription drug litigation lawyers, really? Headlines such as “City, county considering legal action, Wilmington, NC among highest in opioid abuse in the nation” and “Study – Wilmington No. 1 in opioid abuse”. I might be living in the city that has the highest opioid abuse in the country – go figure. Most importantly, several medications interfere with proper nutrient absorption.

I do appreciate the role of the medical profession in keeping us healthy and applaud that! Go for your regular physicals to make sure that you remain in good health.