Review Plant Therapy Organic Essential Oils

Organic Essential Oils by Plant Therapy

Organic Essential Oils by Plant Therapy are made from purest ingredients available to them. Their goal is to positively impact the lives of as many people as possible by providing high-quality 100% pure organic essential oils at an affordable price. The outstanding management, aromatherapist and customer service teams make Plant Therapy one the finest essential oil companies in the USA today. The 100% Pure Organic Essential Oils from Plant Therapy includes the first ever full line of KidSafe® synergies to the delight of appreciative parents.

Plant Therapy works with world famous essential oil expert, Robert Tisser and numerous third-party laboratories for testing. To ensure the quality of their 100% pure essential oils, Plant Therapy studies the farmers, distillers, suppliers and plants. It also evaluates factors such as country of origin, harvest time, soil and weather conditions, distillation process parameters, and more.

About Essential Oils

Essential oils are highly concentrated, volatile aromatic liquids that possess the odor and distinctive properties of the plants themselves. Essential oils are products produced by steam distillation or hydro distillation of the bark, leaves, petals, stems, roots, needles, seeds, flowers, or buds of the plants. For citrus fruits, essential oils are made by steam distilling or mechanical processing of the citrus rinds (peels) Both the aromatic and healing benefits of essential oils have been known and used for centuries.

Plant Therapy Essential Oils

Here are 9 popular Organic Essential Oils by Plant Therapy  and the benefits associated with them:

  1. Peppermint Organic Essential Oil: Peppermint Organic Essential Oil is a refreshing and stimulating oil that is both soothing and enlightening. Used to boost energy, alertness, digestion, refreshing, uplifting, circulation, and skin soothing.
  2. Lavender Organic Essential Oil: Lavender is an essential oil that promotes calm, relaxation and a nervous tension reliever. When added to a carrier oil it reduces the appearance of wrinkles and scars. Effective meditation and massage.
  3. Sandalwood Organic Essential Oil: Sandalwood Organic Essential Oil with its warm, woodsy, earthy aroma creates a peaceful atmosphere, quiets the mind, and helps reducing nervous tension.
  4. Bergamot Organic Essential Oil: Bergamot Organic Essential Oil is a favorite its aroma and therapeutic properties. During times of sadness and grief it helps to boost your mind to comfort your worries. Bergamot is gentle also helps with teenage skin problems and oily skin. When add to massage blends it reduces muscle tension.
  5. Rose Organic Essential Oil: Rose Organic Essential Oil is known for its calming properties and promote relaxation before sleep. It is also useful in skin rejuvenation and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Rose Absolute helps with the women’s “power surges” when going through the normal life changes of life.
  6. Chamomile Organic Essential Oil: Widely known for its calming properties and easing children and adults to sleep. Chamomile Organic Essential Oil helps children with focus problems. It is also an exceptional soother of congested skin.
  7. Ylang-Ylang Organic Essential Oil: Ylang Ylang Organic Essential Oil, known as an aphrodisiac, is pleasing romantic massage blend. It also comforts the mind and whole-body relaxation. Ylang Ylang also retains skin/hair moisture.
  8. Tea Tree Organic Essential Oil: Organic Tea Tree Organic Essential Oil has remarkable effects on skin blemishes and irritations. Other popular uses include supporting a healthy immune system to fight infections and boost immunity. Tea Tree has a medicinal, fresh, green woody scent and is perfect for homemade house cleaning sprays.
  9. Jasmine organic Essential Oil: Jasmine with its exotic floral scent is loved by many to create a happy atmosphere. Jasmine Organic Essential Oil in your bath relieves tension. In skincare products it helps to rejuvenate and refresh the skin. Jasmine Absolute helps soothe a sore throat.

ICO Certification

Plant Therapy offers organic products certified through ECOCERT ICO, an inspection and certification. ECOCERT ICO is accredited by the USDA (Agricultural Department) for the National Organic Program (NOP). With this certification they are bound to the strictest of standards in providing you with quality organic ingredients. In purchasing Organic Essential Oils by Plant Therapy, you support sustainable development and conserve biodiversity ecosystems for future generations.

“Plant Therapy is the real deal. Great quality, pure essential oils at honest prices. The whole customer experience is exceptional. Their staff is very helpful and friendly. The certified Aromatherapists are available for assistance and genuinely enjoy helping people learn to use essential oils safely and appropriately. I highly recommend Plant Therapy” – Heather Collins