Benefits of Fiber in Your Diet Overview Fiber plays such an important part in digestion and there are many benefits of fiber in your diet. Since your body can’t digest fiber it helps to move your stool through your digestive tract and colon. read below in more detail the health benefits of high fiber intake and the best food fiber sources. Definition Dietary Fiber To recap from the section on fiber – click here. Dietary fiber, or roughage, is plant-based nutrient (carbohydrate) that you eat, and your Digestive System doesn’t absorb or digest. In other words, fiber stays mostly intact as it passes through theRead More →

This blog post covers more of the reasons why to use supplements. In the About Me section of the site I outline what motivated me to be healthy and my conclusion about supplements. Also visit the About Questionable Nutritional Value of Food One of the main reasons why to use supplements, is the questionable nutritional value of my food that we eat every day. I struggle with the question: “What is the quality of our food supply?” Have you ever looked at your plate of food and wondered how good it is for you? Does it have any nutritional value? It is just logicalRead More →