The human Endocrine System is a vital body communication system, consisting of network Endocrine Glands throughout your body – see the diagram. The Endocrine Glands makes and discharges hormones directly into the bloodstream, that transports them to targeted organs. The basic functions of Endocrine Glands are therefore similar. However, the glands produce distinct hormones that regulate specific activity of many different organs. These hormones dictate almost every single facet of your life. Visit my blog to read about the differences between the Endocrine and Exocrine Glands. Read more about the functions of Endocrine Glands – click here. Functions of Endocrine Glands The Functions of EndocrineRead More →

We all have asked the questions: How can I focus better or how can I concentrate better? What are the ways to focus better? Do you have tips to improve concentration? Fortunately, there are 12 Natural Ways to Improve Focus/Concentration. Let’s look at the difference between focus and concentration. Thereafter, we discuss the 12 natural ways to improve focus and concentration. About Focus and Concentration Focus and concentration are words with very similar connotations and are often used interchangeably. Focus deals with you paying/giving particular/special attention to something/particular activity. To concentrate is the mental effort to think intensely about particular topic, object or activity. In otherRead More →