You NEED More Calories for Bodybuilding As a general rule, bodybuilders need more calories for bodybuilding to provide the energy they need for weight training and increasing muscle mass. Losing weight requires you to reduce the number of calories you eat. In contrast, increasing lean muscle tissue requires you to consume more calories. Getting sufficient calories for bodybuilding will fuel your body with the nutrients it needs during workouts and help you accomplish your bodybuilding objectives. Weightlifting can be hard on your body and below you will learn how you build muscle and how you can get the additional calories for bodybuilding. The bodybuilders dietRead More →

Benefits of Fiber in Your Diet Overview Fiber plays such an important part in digestion and there are many benefits of fiber in your diet. Since your body can’t digest fiber it helps to move your stool through your digestive tract and colon. read below in more detail the health benefits of high fiber intake and the best food fiber sources. Definition Dietary Fiber To recap from the section on fiber – click here. Dietary fiber, or roughage, is plant-based nutrient (carbohydrate) that you eat, and your Digestive System doesn’t absorb or digest. In other words, fiber stays mostly intact as it passes through theRead More →