The human Respiratory System consists of the organs that allow you to inhale oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. Bacteria, viruses and other microorganism cause many respiratory illnesses. The lifestyle choices you make daily, affect your Respiratory Health in many ways. Available to you are 12 Natural Ways to Improve Respiratory Health that will also prevent the spreading of pathogens and avoid lung damage. Your Respiratory System is one of the most important human body systems, since it the body’s oxygen supply. Without oxygen you will be brain-dead in 5 minutes and your heart stops within 6 minutes. Your Respiratory Health allows a healthy adult toRead More →

The Digestive/Excretory System is the human body system responsible for food digestion. Digesting what you eat, and drink is vital to supply your body with the nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water) needed for proper body functioning and health. Daily, there are several Natural Ways to Improve Digestive Health available to you. If follow these simple digestion guidelines, you will make it easier for your Digestive System to work properly to supply the nutrients you need for healthy living. 12 Natural Ways to Improve Digestive Health Simple guidelines/tips things that you can do to keep your Digestive/Excretory System healthy includes: High Fiber Diet:Read More →

Cardiovascular Health is vital for a healthy lifestyle. Your Cardiovascular System includes your heart, blood vessels and blood. Your heart is one of the most vital organs in your body. Your heart is nothing but a superb pump, that pumps blood continuously at a rate of 115,200 times per day (based on 80 per minute). Your blood travels through thousands of miles of blood vessels to deliver nutrients, hormones and oxygen to all the cells in your body. Your heart is working tirelessly for you and it is critical that you maintain your Cardiovascular System healthy. Do your part by following the 12 Natural WaysRead More →

We all have asked the questions: How can I focus better or how can I concentrate better? What are the ways to focus better? Do you have tips to improve concentration? Fortunately, there are 12 Natural Ways to Improve Focus/Concentration. Let’s look at the difference between focus and concentration. Thereafter, we discuss the 12 natural ways to improve focus and concentration. About Focus and Concentration Focus and concentration are words with very similar connotations and are often used interchangeably. Focus deals with you paying/giving particular/special attention to something/particular activity. To concentrate is the mental effort to think intensely about particular topic, object or activity. In otherRead More →

This blog post covers more of the reasons why to use supplements. In the About Me section of the site I outline what motivated me to be healthy and my conclusion about supplements. Also visit the About Questionable Nutritional Value of Food One of the main reasons why to use supplements, is the questionable nutritional value of my food that we eat every day. I struggle with the question: “What is the quality of our food supply?” Have you ever looked at your plate of food and wondered how good it is for you? Does it have any nutritional value? It is just logicalRead More →